My name is Sanna Saarikangas and I am a candidate in the 2021 municipal elections for the Greens in Tampere. My voting number is 123. Here you can find a brief introduction of  me plus the themes and issues I find important. Don’t hesitate to contact me via social media, e-mail or using the contact form below. And remember to vote!

About me

I am 35 years old and have lived in Tampere for over a decade now. Originally I come from a small village in eastern Uusimaa, southern Finland. I have a Master’s degree in speech communication and work as a communication specialist in a national media company. I have a lovely and loud family of six: my spouse works as a nurse at Tays and together we have three kids in elementary school and a 2-year-old.

Besides work, kids, laundry and dishes I spend my time reading, running, wandering through social media, watching reality television and eating way too much chocolate. I was candidate also in the last elections four years ago and ended up becoming a debuty councillor in the green group. I am also a member of the Mothers in Business organization and Viesti, the organization for communication professionals.

Themes and goals

I have three main themes, topics or goals, that I am most passionate about and would like to have an impact on in the future development of Tampere.

1. Combining family and work

  • Safe, reliable and supporting daycare close to home
  • Decent group sizes at school to make learning easier and prevent social problems
  • Hobbies for schoolkids in the afternoon and holiday season – organized by the city
  • Recognizing the variety of families from single parents to rainbow families and supporting them with easy access services – both in person and digitally

2. Moving Tampere towards the sustainable direction

  • Encouraging city dwellers to move sustainably by taking full advantage of the tramway and supporting light traffic
  • Developing the city center on pedestrians’ terms and making cycling safe
  • Keeping the parks clean and the surrounding nature green

3. Enjoying urban culture in the capital of culture

  • Recognizing the many forms of culture from street art to cafes, museums and theatres, giving them space and conditions to thrive on
  • Supporting the industry, artists and freelancers who have been hit by the pandemic
  • Keeping libraries as open meeting places for everyone.

Tampere Greens Municipal Election Platform 2021

All of the 100 Green candidates in Tampere

Municipal elections 2021 in Finland

The official election day all over Finland is the 13th June, 2021. You can also vote in advance in Finland from 26.5. to 8.6. and abroad from 2.6. to 5.6.2021.

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